Saturday, July 20, 2013

Navy at it's Best

 It is summer, and you just cannot ignore all the colors of navy that come into our lives at this time of the year. Nautical stripes,  4th of July, and the beach, just scream for the use of this timeless color. I love the inspiration I get from searching for ideas for my blog.  I have never had a navy room in my home, but as I looked at the photos I am about to share with you, I had to take a second look at this color.  Navy walls seem to create a sultry midnight feel to a room, and navy accents just lend a pop of this classic color that will never go out of style. From sophisticated to fun and whimsical, navy never fails to bring a little wow into a room.  Enjoy navy inspiration!

Here is a great example of using navy accents in a room.  I love the trim on the curtains, the navy buttons on the chair, and the bedding, which lends a subtle touch of navy detail.  The background of the soft blue walls keeps this room restful, and the navy headboard and bedskirt add sophistication.

This room is masculine, but the curtains add a subtle touch of femininity to soften the look.  The walls are just absolutely wonderful, and of course, I love the white linens with navy trim.  

Navy and white plates can really add to a room, whether used on your table or as wall decor.  I can never get enough blue and white china into my home. I have used them with purple table linens, and Cobalt blue stemware in my Paris apartment.

Dramatic and fabulous, need I say more. Love the pattern here, and again, notice the white bedding!

Some ideas with navy accents for any room in the house.

 Young with a bit of whimsy, especially with the monogram, headboard, and white mirror.

 Great look for a modern master bedroom.

There is a certain nautical feel to this room with the round windows and white trim.  The furniture is very chic so the room does not seem whimsical. I love the white furniture. 

Navy walls can be tricky, so here are some of the best colors!

I would just love to curl up with a good book, and a glass of red wine on a rainy evening in this cozy corner! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Green with Envy

When it was announced that Emerald Green was the Pantone color of the year, I said yuck, what can we possibly do with this color in the store? Sometimes I like having the new and interesting colors introduced every year because it helps us expand and stretch our knowledge and use of color, and take it to heights we never could have dreamed of before. I think this is so with Emerald.  Since then, there has been much inspiration showcasing wonderful uses of this color in every room in the house.  Sometimes boldly, and sometimes subtly, the examples below are some of the best combinations I could find, to inspire you to add a little green into your life! 

I love the use of the accent color emerald green velvet covered bench at the foot of the bed.  Perfect 
 Greek Key embroidery by Hamburg House.

This green theme evokes modern elements with the lattice wallpaper and green velvet headboard. I love the accent pillow in aqua just to throw off that too much of a green thing going on, and the lampshade that adds a garden element to the room.

The neutral surroundings in the bedroom make the fantastic aqua green velvet bed even more of a conversation piece. I love white linens, and this is a great example of using them. Tucking in the sheets and coverlet for a more casual feel, just the pillows you sleep with, and one small accent pillow are perfect for keeping it simple.  I love to make my bed this way in the summer, and it is also a nice way to make up the bed when you have such pretty side rails.  Just would not be the same if the rails were covered up with the linens.

I can never resist a canopy. Keep in mind, to make this bold color work, you must have high ceilings and a nice sized space.  Can you imagine the wonderful glow in this room in the evening!

Personally, if I were choosing a green theme, I would do it with accent pillows. Then I could do something different later without having invested too much in order to follow the trend.

My dream desk!  What can I say but WOW!  I love the leopard wallpaper, the white accents to keep it fresh, the seagrass flooring, and oh so fabulous green painted desk.

There are so many things in this photo that make me say yes to these colors.  Of course, the green lace dress is to die for.  As for the decor, this is a risky color scheme that works.  I love the chartreuse with the purple, love, love, love.  Perfect for a city apartment, sensuous, sexy, warm....

 Another example of mixing the pale aqua with the bold emerald green and white accents.  This is just lovely.  I adore the detail of the tape on the sofa pillows, and the addition of the leopard pillow is fabulous!

Here we go again, white bedding with my favorite, a touch of embroidery to pick up the green in the wallpaper.

A modern approach using green walls and black accents on the bookcase and embroidered sheets.
A stylish man could be very comfortable in this room.

Since I live in Paris, I could not resist showing you this gorgeous bed! Marie Antoinette, oui?

This bed is crisp green and white at it's best.  I would love seeing this at the beach, or house in a hot southern climate.

Just the right amount of green in this living room so that in five years it doesn't look so

Green glass is such a lovely accent on a table. You can pick up pieces like this at most flea markets for so little. So, if you are inspired by this green color, this could be a great way to incorporate it into your entertaining style.  I have some green short stemmed glasses from my grandmother that I can remember her serving ice cream in.  I cherish them, and think of her every time they are a part of my table.

I love the dark green walls with the pale green silk window hangings, white facing sofa's with tape trim detailing, and the light green pillows. The blue and white porcelain is also an interesting addition that just makes this room so wonderful!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrating Red, White and Blue

Since theme style rooms do not necessarily appeal to me,  my search for inspiration for red, white and blue rooms took some extra effort.  I always enjoy the fourth of July because it is the only time I would use this color combination with much creativity and fun.  Now that I live in France, I am not in the United States for this patriotic holiday, and I must admit, I miss it somewhat.  I do have a friend in Paris that lives in a fabulous apartment overlooking the Seine, and we will celebrate again together the 14th of July, Bastille Day.  This holiday in France is also a celebration of freedom, but not as commercial as ours.  We have a wonderful view of the fireworks over Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower as it lights up flashing of red, white, and blue.  I remember just pinching myself last year at this glorious sight celebrated with new friends, champagne, and a breathtaking view of Paris!  So, no barbecue, but champagne is not too bad!  As we all celebrate our freedom on this holiday, I hope you will enjoy my ideas of inspiration for you.  Happy Fourth!

 I love this tasteful table setting for outdoor entertaining.  I just adore the flag napkins.

 A lovely festive outdoor buffet.

What a great way to serve cold drinks for an outdoor gathering.

 A tasteful outdoor display of the flag of the thirteen original colonies.

 I just love this comfortable beach house living space. A sophisticated use of red, white and blue.

The simplicity of the design of this bed is just perfect for easy summer living.

I do really like red and white bedding, especially with a monogram. So crisp and smart in this children's room.

Belle Chambre wishes you.... 
Happy Fourth of July!