Saturday, October 12, 2013

Creating the Ultimate Guest Room

Having owned and operated Atlanta store Belle Chambre for 20 years, I have had the opportunity to inspire many bedrooms, and learned plenty about creating welcoming spaces.
The Belle Chambre style interprets the classics in a timeless, fresh way, with a focus on comfort, the ideal foundation for a comfortable and inviting guest room.

When designing your guest room, draw inspiration from hotels and homes where you most enjoyed staying.  The room should be even more comfortable than a luxury hotel suite, because you are sharing your own personal style with your guests. Below, I share with you examples of beautiful guest rooms, with tips and hints.
Download the ultimate guest room check list here.


  • comfortable mattress (no cheap mattress here please!)
  • cotton mattress pad
  • two high quality freshly ironed cotton sheet sets (extra set of pillowcases for changing each day)
  • pillows (at lease 4 for sleeping, 2 soft 2 medium , and decorative euro for reading or watching television in bed) only down for my guests
  • down comforter seasonal weight (placed at the foot of the bed, or underneath a coverlet)
  • coverlet seasonal weight (matelass√© and quilts for winter, and piques for summer)
  • duvet cover (I prefer the duvet to match the sheet set)
  • extra blanket
  • cashmere throw (for afternoon naps, and late night reading)
  • scented candle

I prefer restful colors in a guest bedroom and this soft blue is an example . I also adore embroidered sheets, and lightweight coverlets for summer, as shown on this bed.

simple basics
  • alarm clock (pretty clock only, no clock radios here)
  • i pod docking station with a relaxing and comforting music play list
  • small tray for change, keys, jewelry, etc
  • nice hangers (don't forget to include a few padded hangers for fragile items)
  • luggage rack
  • wastebasket
  • water carafe 
  • good reading light
  • telephone
  • television and dvd player with a few DVD selections
  • good reading at hand (magazines, novels, local newspaper, five minute mysteries)
  • fresh flowers (a special touch if from your own garden)

This bedroom by Carter Kay has many of the elements for the simple basics in the above list.

thoughtful extras
  • provide privacy ( choose window treatments that not only provide privacy but light control)
  • set of house keys
  • security system instructions (and any other access codes needed for your community such as swimming pools, gates, etc...)
  • wifi code
  • local tourist information (maps, brochures, favorite restaurants and hot spots, laminated directions to your home on a map marking special locations with highlighter pens)
  • desk items (provide paper, pencils, scissors, tape)
  • ironing board ( or tell your guest where they can find yours)
  • welcome basket or tray (fill with healthy snacks, elegant bottled water, fresh fruit)

 Take my word for it, a welcome basket with above listed items is such a special touch. House guests get the "nibbles"in the evening just like everyone else.  So, while your guests are up late reading that book that they can get to only while away from home, they will be able to put together a tasty snack without having to sneak down to your kitchen. 
What guest would not want to get cozy in this bed!

Lastly, spend the night in your guest room occasionally. You can then experience what your guests will, and make any adjustments or additions to the room.  I love to spend the night in my guest room because I also feel like I am in a sanctuary away from home. Especially if I have had trouble sleeping,
spending the night in my guest room is just the medicine to sleep beautifully and comfortably without leaving home! bonne nuit....

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