Monday, October 7, 2013

Think Pink for the Bedroom

I have always wanted a grown-up pink bedroom, but the timing just hasn't been right yet.  So, in order to keep the dream alive, I have collected photos , which I have included on my Pinterest Pages, All Things Pink, and Beautiful Bedrooms.

Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it very fitting to share a few of the wonderful "pink inspiration" bedrooms that continue to inspire me and my followers.

Most of us consider pink a little girl color, and only use it in little girl rooms. Or, now all shades of pink have become very popular for young unmarried women, and there are so many choices.  Hot pink, soft pink, graphic pinks, pink monograms, etc.  Most of these I enjoy viewing, but I feel they are overdone, and too expected to be unique.  I believe so much in making a home unique, with one of a kind fabrics,  classic furniture choices, and a color that is more timeless.  After all, decorating, even on a budget, can be quite costly. Pink has a soft glow in the bedroom, that makes the skin and surroundings just dreamy. My favorite is a very sophisticated soft pink. Even a man would love to dream with me in some of these rooms....  Enjoy!

 This bedroom definitely qualifies as a Master Bedroom, without being intimidating to your man. The white walls tone down the pink here, and just the right amount of pink is used.

 My favorite! I just love the soft pink walls, and just the touch of additional pink on the "one of a kind" antique tapestry pillow. I would pass on the dust skirt, maybe just have the coverlet long enough to reach the floor, with a cashmere blanket or antique quilt folded at the foot.  The window hangings are divine in white with a soft brush fringe on the edge. French antiques lend a timeless look of sophistication.  Of course, the appliqué linens in gold keep this room "very grown up".

 Hot Pink pillows and window hangings on a gorgeous french bed! Can't you just imagine the sexy glow this room has at night!

 Shabby Chic, classic toile.  This is a great example of soft pink sheets working so beautifully with the hot pink fabrics.

 Hollywood Glamour!  Instead of painted walls, the gathered fabric behind the bed gives a romantic feel without being too girly. I love the bed with the quilted headboard and mirrored posts.

 I like this room because it mixes different pink fabrics so that it does not look so predictable.
The white bed linens are perfect here, the canopy keeps it cozy, and don't you just love the lilac ceiling!

A lovely example of the soft sophisticated pink that I love.  Leave it to Ann Gish to create the most beautiful pink linens in the market place. We love.....

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